'You Are The Art' Contest

An Art Contest for Anyone to Apply!

Compete to have your art at a location in Houston for the public to not just see but interact with!

There are four chances to have a public piece of art at Main Street Tap and Grill a neighborhood bar located at 4002 N. Main Street.  MST&G has a large 40’x8.5’ and four sections each of 5.4’x8’ arches to paint See examples below and location on the property they will reside.  

The Contest:  Submit ideas and win. What do you win?  Grand Prize is the outside of the large shipping container and four individual sections facing the patio that anyone can walk into the scene painted and be a part of it, like Venus or an angel with wings.  What scene comes to you? Submit samples of your artwork with the neighborhood in mind, samples of your ideas and the judges will let you know!

Submit your ideas and sample of your work and see if you could win! 

Application deadline is October 29, 2021

Winners announced November 6, 2021 at the Bayou City Badge Pickup Party at Main Street Tap and Grill.


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For more information e-mail ginger@bayoucitycomiccon.com.

Before you apply, please read our Terms and Conditions:

All art once it is on the property of MST&G will be the property of MST&G and can be reproduced for their marketing and advertising.
MST&G is not liable for defacement of artwork.  If it is defaced, a representative of MST&G will contact the artist and discuss next steps.
Artwork must be completed in a reasonable time to be discussed with MGT&G.

Winners receive a free booth at Bayou City Comic Con. More to come!

Submit your application and artwork below!