We want BAYOU CITY COMIC CON to be an awesome and safe event for every fan, guest, and exhibitor, and in response to recent events, we’ve worked closely with our security team and the Westin Galleria Houston to review and heighten our overall security plan. We apologize these changes are so close to BAYOU CITY COMIC CON, but we feel we need to make these updates to keep BAYOU CITY COMIC CON safe and fun for everyone…

– There will be only one entrance to the Westin Galleria Houston during BAYOU CITY COMIC CON – W. Alabama St. This has always been our main entrance, and this year it will be our only entrance. 

– All attendees with bags, backpacks, purses, etc. will need to go through a bag check at this entrance.

– Attendees with cosplay props will go through a weapons check at this entrance.

– We will have uniformed police at the entrance and throughout the con.

– Our Cosplay Prop Policy will not change, but please read it again before you attend.  Functional firearms and realistic props that could be confused for real guns are not n allowed at BAYOU CITY COMIC CON.

– All BAYOU CITY COMIC CON participants must follow these rules, and there’ll be a separate check-in area for exhibitors, press, artists, panelists, and VIPs to be determined via email close to the show.

To make your entry to BAYOU CITY COMIC CON quick and smooth, we suggest you arrive early, don’t bring a bag, and make sure any cosplay props don’t conflict with our prop policy. 
We’re not looking to restrict your fun, and we want to keep BAYOU CITY COMIC CON a community that is inclusive, welcoming, and safe – and I want to thank our security team and the Westin Galleria Houston for all their hard work to assure BAYOU CITY COMIC CON remains the most Awesome weekend of the year.

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Bayou City Comic Con has a Zero Tolerance police for; Verbal/Written, physical, and visual harassment.
Harassment is unwanted/offensive behavior that intimidates or humiliates the victim and is perceived as hostile.

This includes but is not limited to harassment based on:
  • Race, ethnic origin, nationality or skin color
  • Sexual harassment
  • Ability based harassment directed at physical or hidden disabilities
  • Religious
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation, gender identity

Violators of this policy will be subject to removal from the event without a refund.

If you feel like you are being harassed, please find the nearest staff member and notify them so the appropriate action can be taken.

Cosplay is not Consent

We want everyone to feel comfortable and have a great time! While we understand being excited when you see someone dressed as your favorite character, we need you to keep your cool especially with how hot it is in Texas. If someone does not want to do a certain pose or take a picture accept their no gracefully. Even if you don’t get the picture, you’ve very likely made their day just by asking to take their picture.

  • Ask the cosplayer/guest before taking a picture.
  • Ask before touching a cosplayer/guest
Do not:
  • Continue to ask for a picture/pose if told no. Doing so can be perceived as verbal harassment.
  • Verbally harass someone for saying no to a picture/pose.
  • Touch/Kiss without explicit permission

Violating the harassment policy will result in ejection from Bayou City Comic Con without a refund.

We understand that cosplay is a HUGE part of making our con “Awesome,” so we want to make sure that everyone has a fun and safe time at the con. Please read this policy and follow the rules! If you violate this policy, you could be asked to leave BAYOU CITY COMIC CON without a refund.

Any weapon that could seriously hurt somebody is not allowed. Specifically, but not limited to:

  • Functional firearms – that includes paintball, airsoft, bb guns, cap guns, any gun that shoots a real projectile or causes a real explosion.
  • Realistic firearms – any gun that could be confused for a real gun.  If it looks like a real gun, it cannot come into BAYOU CITY COMIC CON. Realistic prop guns with brightly-colored caps are not allowed.
  • Prop weapons made of a hard material such as metalwood, or glass
  • Functional projectile weapons – any weapon (crossbow, slingshot, etc) that discharges a projectile
  • Metal-bladed weapons
  • Whips
  • Explosives
  • Blunt weapons like bats, clubs, or hockey sticks
  • Loud props such as whistles, horns, etc.

Prop weapons are allowed at BAYOU CITY COMIC CON, as long as they meet the following criteria; That they are composed of cardboard, foam, something light. Prop firearms are allowed only if they cannot be mistaken for real weapons. Prop bows will be allowed providing all arrows have soft tips and will not be shot.

Prop weapons will be allowed into BAYOU CITY COMIC CON at the discretion of BAYOU CITY COMIC CONstaff and uniformed security personnel. Safety is paramount, we will always err on the side of caution. There will be no place to store prohibited weapons on-site. If you have a weapon that is prohibited, you will be escorted from the building and not allowed back in with the weapon.

We love costumes, good guys, bad guys, and everything in between! However, hateful symbols aren’t welcome at BAYOU CITY COMIC CON. Historical costumes can be great, but reminders of unspeakable atrocities are not appropriate, ever. This includes any sort of “ironic” or satirical costumes that re-appropriate Nazi paraphernalia or gear. So, please use prudence when deciding on your costume for our event!

Please use common sense! We are trying to create a safe space for everyone.

All of the panel rooms at BAYOU CITY COMIC CON this year are considered “free flow,” which means you may come and go from each room as you please. 

Lines for photo-ops start 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Lines will be created by BAYOU CITY COMIC CON staff. Any lines created prior to 30 minutes before the scheduled photo-op start time are not “official” and will not determine your place in line.

Please have your photo op ticket ready while you are in line BEFORE you enter the photo-op room.
When you are in the photo-op room, personal photos and videos are strictly prohibited. Selfies are not allowed.

You are welcome to have up to 2 individuals per Photo Op (this limit does not apply to the talent or children 10 years or younger) unless otherwise noted on the talent sales page.

If you have items that you do not want to be in the photo, please place them on the designated table when you enter the photo-op room.

If you want to do a special pose, please be prepared before entering the photo-op room. The celebrity guest has the right to refuse to participate in a special pose.

Please remove glasses; they can reflect the lights and potentially ruin your photo.

Be respectful to all celebrity guests in the photo-op room, and please be respectful to other fans while in line. Try to move quickly through the line as there are other people waiting behind you. Do not ask for autographs or give gifts to the celebrity guests in the photo-op room. Guests are scheduled for autograph signings and Q&A sessions separately, this is to be fair to everyone and to make sure that all attendees have a great experience.

Photos will be available for pick-up within 1 hour of the end of the session. Please check frequently for photos as they are usually done earlier.

JPEGS are available for an additional charge at the Photo-Op Ticket Booth. Additional printed copies are also available for an additional charge.

Photos are for personal use ONLY. They are subject to copyright and cannot be sold to a third party or altered in any way.

If you have special needs, please speak to BAYOU CITY COMIC CON staff or a volunteer for assistance.

Photo op tickets are sold separately from autographs. Autographs can be paid for at the guest’s autograph booth. Photo op tickets will be available for purchase in advance until a specific date and then will only be sold at the photo op ticket booth onsite.

If you have a VIP pass, you must be in the VIP line 10 minutes prior to the photo op session’s start time or you will need to go into the general photo op line.

Please do not worry, we have each guest carefully scheduled and we are only selling the appropriate amount of photo ops for the amount of time we have.

Finally, HAVE FUN! Celebrity guests are all nice people and are happy to be here, so relax and remember to enjoy yourself!


• We ask that all crew work a minimum of one full 5 or 6 hour shift.

• We prefer all crew work at least 1 Saturday shift. Saturday is our busiest day and we will need all the help we can get, so anyone who is able to work a shift on both Saturday AND either Friday or Sunday will get preference. If you have special scheduling needs, and are only able to work Friday and/or Sunday, please note this on your application.

• All crew must wear their name badge while in the convention center or while working any pre-con events.

• Floor crew are not allowed to carry cameras or take photos while on duty.

• Volunteer shirts are to be worn during the work shift at all times. They are not to be worn inside the event after your shift ends, but they are yours to keep after the event.

• All crew should wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Please refrain from wearing torn or dirty clothing or open-toed shoes. Comfortable walking shoes are best as everyone will be doing a lot of standing and/or walking.

• We ask all crew to act in the best interest of BAYOU CITY COMIC CON by respecting attendees, fellow team leaders and staff, as well as promoting a safe and healthy environment. Please familiarize yourself with the Harassment Policy.

• Crew must refrain from any deliberate acts that may create a dangerous or unhealthy situation during the show. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of illegal drugs, consumption of alcoholic beverages and assaulting, threatening or disregarding the safety of an individual. Anyone who might be under the influence or is exhibiting dangerous or risky behavior, will be reported to security immediately.

• Volunteer & Crew are not permitted to use their volunteer status to promote or conduct personal business. Anyone caught doing so will be escorted off the premises and have their badge revoked.

• The Green Room is OFF LIMITS to all volunteers. If you are escorting a celebrity guest to the Green Room, your duties end at the door. Ask your team leader for breakroom as needed during breaks.


BAYOU CITY COMIC CON is committed to supporting our awesome exhibitors. As such, counterfeit items, bootlegs, knock-offs, or other pirated items are not welcome at BAYOU CITY COMIC CON.

If you see something, please report it to a BAYOU CITY COMIC CON staff member. Exhibitors selling counterfeit items may be removed from BAYOU CITY COMIC CON, banned from future events, and risk criminal prosecution.

  • All tickets gain entry to BAYOU CITY COMIC CON.
  • Separate tickets may need to be purchased for certain events.
  • Passes purchased online will need to be picked up at the convention or at determined Pre-Con Badge Pick-up event.
  • Tickets are non-refundable and subject to a 8.25% TX sales tax and Service Fee.
  • Upgrades on tickets can be made by logging into your account and selecting the upgraded ticket you wish to purchase. 
  • Tickets will be cheaper before the event than during the convention online and onsite.
  • If you have a problem with your tickets, please contact info@bayoucitycomiccon.com.

By presenting programming at BAYOU CITY COMIC CON, programming participants (also referred to as panelists) agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • Panelists understand that by accepting to present a panel at BAYOU CITY COMIC CON, they are agreeing to abide by all of Awesome Con’s policies including but not limited to our anti-harassment policy, security policy, and cosplay policy.
  • Only confirmed panelists will be allowed to present on approved sessions at BAYOU CITY COMIC CON.
  • Panelists agree to begin and end their program on time. Typically, there are 15 minutes in between each session, so beginning and ending on time allows for the room to clear and transition to the next event.
  • Panelists must make every effort to communicate with the programming staff if their program needs to be canceled for any reason.
  • Hate symbols (even as part of a cosplay) are not permitted at BAYOU CITY COMIC CON. Behavior deemed in violation of our panelist policy shall be determined by Awesome Con in its sole discretion.
  • Hate speech or harassment directed toward a group of people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, age, disability, religion, etc. is not permitted before, during, or after your presentation. Behavior deemed in violation of our panelist policy shall be determined by BAYOU CITY COMIC CON in its sole discretion.
  • In taking questions from the audience, panelists understand that they have no obligation to respond to any questions that make them feel uncomfortable and that they may ask the room monitor or other Awesome Con staff or crew to intervene if anyone is making the panelist or the audience uncomfortable or violating our anti-harassment policy.
  • Panelists agree that BAYOU CITY COMIC CON reserves the right to adjust the time and/or location of my programming at any time. The staff will do their best to communicate any changes that occur in advance.
  • Panelists understand that most panel rooms will have microphones, a screen, a projector with either a VGA or HDMI connection, and an audio patch and that panelists will need to provide my own laptop or other way to present the information. Panelists must submit needs as far as room setup and AV to the Programming Coordinator at least 2 months before the show.
  • If you have any problems that cannot be resolved, seek help from the staff immediately.
  • Late programming applications will not be accepted under any circumstance.
  • If you would like different passes such as VIP Passes, you may purchase them separately. In keeping with Awesome Con’s ticket policies, all sales on passes are final and cannot be refunded.
  • BAYOU CITY COMIC CON DOES NOT pay speaking or appearance fees nor does it cover travel, lodging, or meals.