Mark A Nelson

  • Guest Artist/Creator

Currently, a Free-lance artist at Grazing Dinosaur Press, Mark has always been involved with the arts. He has had two roles in these achievements, as an artist and as an educator/teacher. His current project is “Thunder Hunters”, the story of an artist on a foreign planet.

In comics: the Harvey nominated “Aliens” comic with Mark Verheiden for Dark Horse,” Blood and Shadows” a creator owned comic for DC co-created with Joe R. Lansdale, “Feud” a creator owned comic for Marvel co-created Mike Baron, Hellraiser, Nightbreed, Heavy MetalDHP, Graphic Classics, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, First Comics, Eclipse Comics, Kitchen Sink, Now Comics, Just Imagine comics and others.  As an inker working on Marshal Law, Spider Man, X-Men, Huntress, Airboy,GreenLantern, and others.” From Pencils to Inks” was a how to draw comics article written and illustrated for Hero Illustrated. Recently: Falling Skies and an Abe Sapien story for Dark Horse and a Mouse Guard, Legends of the Guard story, Pin-up for Wild Blue Yonder, and alternate Aliens cover for the new series at Dark Horse.

In Gaming:  He’s worked on the original line of TSR/Wizards of the Coast, Magic Cards, worked on White Wolf, FASA, Five Rings and Armageddon.  You can see samples of his work at

In the fantasy field: TSR, Wizards of the Coast, World of Warcraft, FASA, Five Rings, Dungeon Magazine, Dragon Magazine, White Wolf, Piazo Publishing.  Mark’s artwork ranges from fully painted, pencil, pen and ink, and digital.

Working in the field of video games, Mark was the Art Director and lead concept artist at Pi Studios and at Raven Software as senior concept artist.  Some of the games: Star Wars: Jedi Knights, Star Trek: Elite Force, Soldier of Fortune, and Doom.

His work has been featured in numerous volumes of Spectrum: The Best of Contemporary Fantasy Art and just served as juror on Spectrum 20. Other books: Aphrodisia the Art of the Female Form 1 and 2, winning a Gold Award and the cover of #2, covers for Subterranean Press, Cemetery Dance, and Night Shade Books.

Mark has also been a Professor of Art at Northern Illinois University, Lead Teacher in the Animation Area at Madison Area Technical college, Professor at SCAD in the SEQA Department, Art Director at Pi Studios and Senior Artist at Raven Software.

Mr. Nelson will be doing commissions at his table, selling prints, signing Comics and books.

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Innsmouth: The Lost Drawings of Mannish Sycovia
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