Steve Garcia

Steve Garcia

  • Guest Artist/Animator

As a kid, Steve Garcia grew up on a steady diet of comic books and animation. With his passion for both of these artforms, he knew he was destined to be an animator or illustrator.
To his utter amazement, he’s been blessed to have been able to work in both Animation as well as illustration fields!

For animation, his work has covered character design, storyboards, timing, character layout and of course animation, for both feature films as well as television.  Some of his work has been featured in such films as The “Iron Giant“, “Cats Don’t Dance“, “Swan Princess“, “Quest for Camelot“, as well as television shows such as the “Simpsons“, “Ozzie and
Drix” and “Xmen:Evolution“.  His illustration work has been featured in Books, Magazines, as well as major video game publishers.  With clients such as Wizards of the Coast/TSR, Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive, Midway Games, Junction Point Studios and visual development for Warner Brothers feature films, to name just a few.

2021 marked the beginning of an amazing journey with Steve finally realizing his dream of starting his own art studio! Away from the corporate studios and companies he’d worked for for over 30 years.  “If I’m ever going to do ‘my own thing’, this is the time to do it!”  Part of that ‘journey’ has come in the form of doing shows for the first time in his 30 year career. Meeting so many amazing people and fans of his work.  “Being able to meet so many fans of the many things I’ve been privileged to work on over the years, and hearing their stories of how much these projects have touched them…it’s a first for me! It’s been an absolutely humbling and touching experience. One I do not take lightly. I appreciate them all very very much.”

2022 promises to be a very fun and intensely busy year! With new work coming in the form of illustrations, art books, independent animation and much much more. And he hopes fans will be just as excited as he is and come join him for the ride!

Steve currently resides in Austin Texas with his Wonderful Wife and best friend of 26 years Kristen, and his beautiful and brilliant Daughter Caitlyn. As well as two birds and two cute but rather odd freeloading cats.